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The weekend and holiday shots.


Had a gig today and after our set I took a few shots. Here’s one I particularly liked (I must be on a black and white kick). I cropped the image into “portrait” view because I wanted to emphasize the moody look of the bass and cello players against the hard backlight:


Out of deference to the guitar player who I mercilessly cropped out of the photo above, here’s the shot in full-frame, color view:

Musicians 2

Canon G11 making the scene.


I didn’t stop on the commute today because I’m still recovering from yesterday’s Cotati Accordion Festival. We had a blast playing, selling swag, hanging out with friends and fans, and, of course, swilling a few beers. Long day, big fun, but today I paid the price. Getting up at 3:30 AM was harsh. Tomorrow I’ll be back in action.

Here’s a shot from yesterday.


Canon G11–one day at a time.

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