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Blue globes in Fall

It’s my Friday off so I spent a few minutes this morning with my iPhone 4 figuring out how to get the Hipstamatic app to record in high resolution. The low rez shots are cool for quicky snap sharing, but for archiving and blog posts 1936×1936 is the way to go. I posted the first blue globe image a couple of weeks ago–it was shot in low rez using a wacky Hipstamatic “film” selection. This one was shot in high rez with the app set to a much tamer “film” selection.

Blue globes with Fall leaves

BTW, the blue globes are solar powered night lights for the patio.

iPhone phoning home.

Phoning in a ballgame shot

My daughter took me to an SF Giants ballgame last night. It was a blast, but, unfortunately, was also a work night. I got home at 12:30 AM and had to get up 3 hours later to head out on my wee hours morning commute. Needless to say I’m spent. I took a lot of shots with my G11 and T2i, but I’m too beat to process them. So here’s the iPhone shot I took (using the Hipstamatic app) and sent to my Facebook friends during the game.

iPhone shot from the game

BTW, it was the Giants vs the Reds and the Giants lost. C’est la vie.

iPhone at an SF Giants game.

Home again home again

From the San Francisco Bay Area to Halifax, Nova Scotia and back–by train. Incredible 10,000 mile trip! Surreal end to the whole thing while waiting a couple of hours for the shuttle bus in the Martinez Amtrak station. I felt like I was in an R. Crumb comic entitled “Welcome back to the good ol’ USofA.” The entire Canadian experience was quite a contrast.

This was my last shot of the trip–not the best of the last, but THE last. The G11 was packed away for the bus ride, so this shot of the train leaving us behind is from my handy iPhone camera.

10000 miles--the end

[I’ll put together an album of my fave shots of the trip sometime soon.]

iPhone catches the moment.

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