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The hand is quicker

Enjoying a lazy Saturday around the homestead so I’m posting something from the 10,000 mile trip. These guys are Amtrak workers. The guy on the left worked the dining car and was a card! The guy on the right I didn’t recognize, but he was having an animated phone conversation. I grabbed this shot during the stop in Portland, Oregon at the beginning of the trip.

Amtrak porters on a break

Canon G11 stealthing at a train stop.

Solar blast

More holiday Nik Silver Efex Pro play. I took this shot during the brief stop in Portland, Oregon on the last leg of the 10,000 mile train trip. Obviously, the sun rays bursting out from behind the clouds caught my eye. The original camera image was decent considering the highly contrasting elements, but I prefer the effect of flipping it to black and white, letting the foreground elements drop out, and boosting the dynamic range of the sky.

Petaluma Bridge

Canon G11 overlooking a Portland skyline.