Quirky things

Near the homestead is Steamer Landing Park. It’s a nice walking place that’s a mix of industrial, natural and railroad track environments. These shots are from the industrial edge. First, a weird, stubby boat (I shot this over the top of a chain link fence):

Weird boat

Next, an old cable pulling contraption (shot through a very narrow opening in a gate):

Old machinee

Canon G11 on the lookout for quirk.


Today was the first day with clouds since late May–literally. There’s been LOTS of fog, but no billowy, cumulous beauty to add a little interest to the skies. So I shot scenes with clouds. This is a tidal pond on the east side of Bayfront Park, just across the road from where I work.

Tidal pond

The ubiquitous Canadian geese seemed to be enjoying the clouds too–I saw five or six of these gaggles during the 10 minutes I spent in the park grabbing shots.

Tidal pond with geese

Canon G11 getting down with the clouds.

Not just off the ferry

Today during the commute home I pulled off on Sir Francis Drake Blvd and ran into Sir Francis Drake. Apparently the statue has been there since 1990, but this was the first time I noticed it. Cameras force one to look!

Sir Francis Drake on the bay

Basically a body turn westward and there’s Mt Tamalpais, and closer, the Larkspur Ferry terminal (if only the ferry went close to my work).

Mt Tamalpais and Larkspur Ferry terminal

Canon G11 on the lookout.


Had a gig today and after our set I took a few shots. Here’s one I particularly liked (I must be on a black and white kick). I cropped the image into “portrait” view because I wanted to emphasize the moody look of the bass and cello players against the hard backlight:


Out of deference to the guitar player who I mercilessly cropped out of the photo above, here’s the shot in full-frame, color view:

Musicians 2

Canon G11 making the scene.

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