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Take a bow

I’m currently going through a major transition (all good!), so I’m wrapping stuff up and preparing to change coordinates. Also, I’ve got this brand new, monster of a camera but I’m ridiculously busy–aargh!… Lots of 5DM3 “Out and About” photos will be coming soon. In the meantime, another close-up of flora at the homestead from this past weekend.

Salsify up close

Lens: Canon Ef 24-105mm f/4.0L at 105mm. 1/3200 second at f/4, ISO 200.

Canon 5DM3 in training.

Not a dandelion

Here’s a black and white rendering of a giant, dandelion-like seed head of a Salsify plant. Also known as Oyster Plant (because the edible root supposedly tastes like oysters), it pops up in our yard this time of year. I’ve never eaten it, but maybe this is the year to give it a try. I wonder if it tastes better in black and white?

Salsify in black and white

Lens: Canon EF 70-300mm IS USM at 300mm. 1/800 at f/5.6, ISO 200. Black and white conversion: Nik Silver Efex Pro (version 1).

Canon T2i on wild garden forage.

It’s all subjective

While relaxing on the patio yesterday afternoon, I saw this half spent salsify (has a seed cluster like a giant dandelion) and thought “time to pull out the G11.” I took a least twenty shots of it–everything from fuzzy, hairy, swirly macros to underneath close-ups aiming into the bright sky shots (the G11’s articulating screen rocks for close-ups!). I picked this shot out of the batch. Why? Because for some reason it works for my aesthetic sensibility–aka, it’s all subjective.

Salsify from underneath

Canon G11 looking over, under, sideways, down.