I Street impression

Today, at the end of my commute, I got off the freeway and took the back road for the last leg. It was a lovely day so I parked in a turnout, walked around a bit and grabbed a few shots. I particularly liked this curvy driveway. Though the raw image looked good, I couldn’t resist tweaking it a bit to make the scene more ethereal.

I street fenced drive

Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm at 85mm. 1/400 second at f/16. ISO 200.

Canon T2i almost home.

Late night city repose

We played a bar gig in San Francisco last night. Just before going on stage, I was wandering around with camera in hand looking for shots when I saw this guy through a window. I had the camera in manual mode so I could get fussy with the quirky light levels in the bar. Fortunately, he was talking on his cell phone so I had time to dial in a good exposure before he moved on. And because I was shooting through a window the camera picked up some of the neon reflected off the bar and placed it neatly on the overpass.

Man in red shirt sitting on fire hydrant

Settings: f/3.2, 8.9mm (41mm equivalent), ISO 800, 1/10 second. Handheld.

Canon G11 staying up late.

Plugged in

Here’s a close-up of something I see several times every day when I’m home and standing in front of the toilet–every day when I’m shaving or brushing my teeth. Sharply focused and free of graininess it looks completely mundane, because it is. So I gave the close-up an artsy, filmic feel. Why not?

Plug and night light

“I learn by going where I have to go…” –Roethke

Canon G11 learning where to go.