Resolve conflict with song

On the way home today I took another detour through the Presidio. I came on this nicely lit grove of cypress trees so I stopped to get some shots. The tree boughs looked lovely in the bright, shady light against the glowing green grass. And I was surprised to see “Resolve Conflict with Song” there amongst them. Turns out it’s part of a year-long Presidio Habitats exhibition celebrating Presidio wildlife and nature. Très cool!

Tree boughs with resolve conflict with song

Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm. The image is straight out of the camera except for a bit of cropping and the my usual sharpening setting for browser display.

Canon T2i enjoying art in nature.

Running errands

I brought my camera along during a short errand run this afternoon. This corner apartment building caught my eye so I stopped and grabbed a couple of shots. From the front view, the style of the structure looks much more interesting in black and white.

First Street housing

To show the afternoon light, here’s a color view from the side angle.

First and G Street view

Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm.

Canon T2i running errands.

All in a day

Sometimes stuff happens with a camera in hand while wandering around grabbing images. There was yesterday’s “shack” photo plus these from my half hour commute walk at Fort Baker. This is not a “series” in the strict sense, but more like a day in the life.

This calla lily is a very early bloomer. I expect to see them a month from now, but this one got a jump start because of the very warm January weather.

Calla lily in January

An “abstract,” structural shot from under the supports at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge abstraction

And while on my way back to the car I grabbed this image. This is where I was.

Rock and misty bridge tower

Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm (love this lens!). Nik Silver Efex Pro for the black and white conversion.

Canon T2i grabbing whatever it sees.

Golden Gate shack

Once again I headed down to Fort Baker during my drive home from work. It’s becoming a favorite spot for grabbing “commute” shots because it’s quick and easy to get to from the freeway. I drove out to the fishing pier parking area on the west side of Horsehoe Bay and walked up to the construction area under the north end of the bridge. This little run down, overgrown utility shack immediately caught my eye.

Shack beneath the Golden Gate Bridge

Canon T2i under the bridge.