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On the well worn path

Yesterday I wrote, “Maybe it’s time to look beyond the well worn path for inspiration.” Instead of taking my own advice, I looked right at the path. I do NOT recommend the practice of taking photos while driving, but today I did just that–cautiously and carefully, with my iPhone and the Hipstamatic app.

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge

Approaching the Waldo Tunnel.

Approaching the Waldo Tunnel

Inside the Waldo Tunnel.

Inside the Waldo Tunnel

IPhone/Hipstamatic on the commute path.

Saturday at the beer sanctuary

This past Saturday we went to the Lagunitas Taproom and Beer Sanctuary to meet up with our friend Sean and catch up on things. As is my wont, I had my iPhone with the Hipstamatic app at the ready. I took five quick shots of him in this particular setting and liked four enough to post them as a series. Oh, and that’s an original Mad Maggies t-shirt he’s sporting!

Petaluma Bridge

iPhone/Hipstamatic framing a friend in action.