You looking at me?

I almost came up empty handed on the commute today. The traffic was frenetic so I chose to just go with the flow and get home safely. Unfortunately, it wasn’t flowing so good towards the end so I got off the freeway and took a back road for the last short leg. Coming around a bend I spooked several turkey vultures who were no doubt converging on a carcass. I didn’t see any road kill, but one of the vultures landed on a rock to pose for me. I stopped smack in the middle of the road and took a couple of quick shots from the car. This one was the best of the lot.

Turkey vulture on rock

Canon G11, not dead yet.

Schizophrenic California weather

All summer long there was nothing but fog in San Francisco (except for the odd day or two when the fog mercifully retreated out a short distance off shore). Fall arrives and the Bay Area is HOT! Beautifully warm in the city–blazing hot away from the water. This is what it looked like by the Golden Gate Bridge at about 3:30 this afternoon (nice day for sailing!):

Golden Gate Bridge September 2010

Golden Gate Bridge September 2010 2

BTW, these are straight out the camera with only the slightest bit of cropping and sharpening. The G11 loves light.

Canon G11 cooling off by the bay.