Montréal postcard — Boulevard Saint-Laurent

This spot on Boulevard Saint-Laurent at the railroad tracks is pretty much the center of the Île de Montréal. The underpass where the bike route goes are the train tracks (and the dirt bike trail) that separate the Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie and Plateau neighborhoods. I took this photo on the Plateau side.

Boulevard Saint-Laurent near the train tracks

iPhone 6s Plus camera, Snapseed app, out walking the MTL streets.

1966 Chevy Impala SS

I really love the iPhone 6s Plus camera. The DSLRs have stayed bagged up pretty much since I got the new phone. Eventually I’ll bust them out again. But for daily out for a walk shooting, it’s hard to beat the iPhone.

And hey, nice Chevy! There aren’t many lowriders in Montréal.

1966 Chevy Impala SS

iPhone 6s Plus, Snapseed app, on Rue Masson

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