Night on the town

Last night Mags and I hoofed it downtown to see a movie (the Coen brothers “True Grit”–great flick!). I brought my G11 just for some added fun. After the movie we stopped in at the local watering hole and had a pint then walked around town with me click click clicking before hoofing it back to the homestead.

This is the corner of Western and Kentucky on a sleepy Thursday night:

Corner of Kentucky and Western

And this one is on the riverfront:

Grass and boat on the river at night

Canon G11 in hand just for fun.

Relentless rain makes me ornery

“You looking at me?” RAIN RAIN RAIN! We’re experiencing a VERY wet December here in Northern California. So… Since there’s not much else to do during today’s deluge but hunker down indoors, I pulled up an previously posted summer image and tweaked it with Nik Silver Efex Pro. Maggie says the “big guy” looks better in color. I’m hedging my bets. (Just having a little fun to keep me from going stir crazy.)

Longhorn redux

As an aside, I pulled out the T2i and grabbed an in house, rainy day shot of our laundry room window–also tweaked in Nik. Warum nicht?

Laundry room lace

Canon G11 & T2i staying out of the relentless rain.

Solar blast

More holiday Nik Silver Efex Pro play. I took this shot during the brief stop in Portland, Oregon on the last leg of the 10,000 mile train trip. Obviously, the sun rays bursting out from behind the clouds caught my eye. The original camera image was decent considering the highly contrasting elements, but I prefer the effect of flipping it to black and white, letting the foreground elements drop out, and boosting the dynamic range of the sky.

Petaluma Bridge

Canon G11 overlooking a Portland skyline.