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Winter arrangement

The warmish, hazy days around the Bay Area continue to be uninspiring. The lack of wind has left a persistent, LA-like brownish haze over the bay. It’s the middle of December, and during the daylight hours, except for being ten degrees cooler in temperature, it seems like the middle of October. So… I’m going close-up, and using my iPhone more because it’s handy. This image is of the remnants of what was a much more elaborate flower arrangement in the kitchen area of our office.

Petaluma Bridge

iPhone/Hipstamatic imaging a season change.

Fish on ice

The blog was down for half a day yesterday because of some unknown ISP glitch. I also had a band rehearsal–no time for taking photos, but I had a lot of fun making music. Today, I rolled back into the work/commute grind and didn’t feel particularly inspired to stop along the route. So… for today’s post, here are a couple of iPhone/Hipstamatic shots I took of the Pike Place Fish Market at the Pike Place Market in Seattle the day before Thanksgiving.

Fish on ice at Pike Place Market in Seattle

Fish on ice perspective at Pike Place Market in Seattle

iPhone/Hipstamatic keeping it fresh.

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