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Calacas in Seattle

We’re five days out on our Pacific Northwest tour. Currently we’re headed south from Seattle to our next gig in Corvallis, OR. I haven’t found the time to post until now, and because I’m iPadding this from a moving tour van it’ll have to be a quicky. I saw these calacas in Pike Place Market during our short stay in Seattle.

Calacas in Seattle

iPhone/Hipstamatic on the road.

Fish on ice

The blog was down for half a day yesterday because of some unknown ISP glitch. I also had a band rehearsal–no time for taking photos, but I had a lot of fun making music. Today, I rolled back into the work/commute grind and didn’t feel particularly inspired to stop along the route. So… for today’s post, here are a couple of iPhone/Hipstamatic shots I took of the Pike Place Fish Market at the Pike Place Market in Seattle the day before Thanksgiving.

Fish on ice at Pike Place Market in Seattle

Fish on ice perspective at Pike Place Market in Seattle

iPhone/Hipstamatic keeping it fresh.

Seemingly random series

I’m a big fan of the Hipstamatic camera app for the iPhone. The app has quite a few film/lens “paks” to choose from, but “Ina’s 69” film and the “John S” lens are my defaults. This combination produces relatively clean images with wildly different colorizing depending on the quality of light. Here are three shots I took during our recent trip to Seattle/Vancouver, and except for desaturating the brownish borders (Ina’s needs a border update), resizing for the blog and adding touch of sharpening, the images are straight from my Hipstamiticized, iPhone 4 camera roll.

At the Oakland airport in a plane at the gate trough a rain-splashed window before take-off.

Through a rain splashed plane window before leaving the gate

Fruit stand workers at Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Pike Place Market fruit girls

Skip waiting patiently for his friend to finish lunch at a cafe in Seattle. (I call him “Skip” because that’s what it says on the road.)

Skip the street dog

iPhone out and about.