The hand is quicker

Enjoying a lazy Saturday around the homestead so I’m posting something from the 10,000 mile trip. These guys are Amtrak workers. The guy on the left worked the dining car and was a card! The guy on the right I didn’t recognize, but he was having an animated phone conversation. I grabbed this shot during the stop in Portland, Oregon at the beginning of the trip.

Amtrak porters on a break

Canon G11 stealthing at a train stop.

Crows on a fence

It’s my Friday off so in the late afternoon after running some errands I took a detour out into the hills looking for photo ops. At the very top of a ridge I spied this pair of crows basking in the sunlight on a wooden fence. My camera was still bagged up so I had to quickly get it together before the birds took off. Fortunately, they stuck around long enough for me to take a few shots.

Crows on a fence

Crows on a fence

Canon T2i basking with the crows.

A commute route view

When I’m commuting I see the same views EVERY day. (Yeah, I know, me and all the rest of the commuters–but, hey, I’m taking photographs!) The light changes, but it’s usually a subtle change from day to day here on Northern California. Sometimes I look at something familiar and think, “maybe tomorrow I’ll get that shot…” I’ve passed this little “bridge” a zillion times, but never stopped to give it its due. Nothing special about the light–just a blip on my radar.

San Antonio creek bridge in January

Canon T2i on the commute route.

Silhouettes before the rain

There’s some weather coming our way. Just regular rain, nothing newsworthy. Nonetheless, as I was driving north the sky was getting progressively more cloudy–in a good way for capturing silhouettes. I stopped on San Antonio Road again looking for more barnyard animals. I was in luck! This time it was horses.

Horse silhouettes

I processed the horse photo with Nik Silver Efex Pro, but the following shot is pretty much straight out of the camera–the original horses image had a very similar color tone.

Hills and trees silhouetted

Canon T2i letting the foreground go dark.

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