Corvus on the town

I stopped at the viewpoint at the northeast end of the Golden Gate Bridge today and happened upon this large crow. Seems we had both taken refuge quite a few yards away from the throng of noisy tourists. The crow was kind enough (or at least felt safe enough) to pose for a couple of photos. This profile shot was the best of the lot.

Crow at SF viewpoint

Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm at 85mm. 1/160 second at f/16, ISO 200.

Canon T2i admiring the crow.

Bright fog hanging low

I have a couple of easy to get to spots along the commute that I frequent. This is one of them–the southeast end of the Golden Gate Bridge. If it’s foggy in the City I usually start imagining how things might look by the bridge. I’m not always right, but it’s a good mental exercise. So… there was a thick, bright fog hanging low over the City this afternoon and the bridge looked just like I thought it would. Straight from the camera, here’s the view:

Golden Gate in bright fog

And looking out over the bay from the same spot (more or less), here’s a tweaked shot of a freighter I’d just missed as it passed under the bridge:

China freighter in SF Bay

Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm.
Bridge shot: 59mm, 1/200 second at f/9, ISO 200.
Freighter shot: 24mm, 1/200 second at f/11, ISO 200.

Canon T2i imagining by the bay.

Grass mobile

Grass is invading my space–literally. The very wet (and now warm) Spring is making the green stuff very happy. We’ve already got bunches in the field that are 6 feet high, and the ground it still too wet to mow. What to do? Take some photos! Here’s a shot of a tall sprig of wild oats I took late this afternoon. Wild oat is a nuisance grass, but the dangling, rocket shaped seeds look mobile-like–especially when they’re still green.

Foxtails in hyper space

Canon G11 frolicking in the grass.

Poop art

Saturday morning, after a good night’s sleep, inspiration strikes. With a large cup of coffee in one hand and the Canon G11 in the other I ventured out into the yard looking for a subject. What I found was truly monumental. I fired off a couple of close-ups and headed back into my studio to view the results on the computer. Oh yeah! After a couple of quick tweaks in Photoshop, this was the outcome of my morning inspiration–Poop art.

Bird bomb abstract

For reference: the shot as the camera captured it.

Bird bomb original

Canon G11 making poop art.

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