It’s all subjective

While relaxing on the patio yesterday afternoon, I saw this half spent salsify (has a seed cluster like a giant dandelion) and thought “time to pull out the G11.” I took a least twenty shots of it–everything from fuzzy, hairy, swirly macros to underneath close-ups aiming into the bright sky shots (the G11’s articulating screen rocks for close-ups!). I picked this shot out of the batch. Why? Because for some reason it works for my aesthetic sensibility–aka, it’s all subjective.

Salsify from underneath

Canon G11 looking over, under, sideways, down.

On a bridge kick

I cross the Golden Gate Bridge twice every commute day, and I cross it frequently on weekends heading into the city for gigs or whatever. The bridge and I go way back. So I figure taking pictures of it is par for the course. Here’s an up close abstract taken today from the underside. The colored flats are planks from a section of a massive work area under the north end of the bridge.

Under the Golden Gate Bridge

Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm at 85mm. F/11 for 1/50 second, ISO 200.

Canon T2i under looking up.

A slightly different perspective

The image in the header of my blog looks like it was cropped from the image below–but, obviously, it wasn’t. It’s indeed the same section of the Golden Gate Bridge, but I took this shot today–a much brighter day, and from a slightly different vantage point.

Golden Gate Bridge section with city background

Lens: Canon 15-85mm at 57mm. 1/200 second at f/11, ISO 100.

Canon T2i taking in a different perspective.

Mags up close

I bought my T2i in August 2010. It was a birthday gift to myself because, well, I’d been working my ass off so for a bonus I splurged on a new creative tool. Cheap thrill considering I didn’t go for a 7D or, better, a 5D. I did, however, get the EFS 15-85mm lens instead of a standard kit lens. Anyway, one day, early on in my relationship with the T2i, I was running around the house snapping images of this and that. Fortunately, Maggie was a willing subject. The “ghosting” in this image was non-existent in the other shots I took of her. The soft, ethereal quality is what appeals to me.

Maggie on 8/25/2010

Lens: EFS 15-85mm at 85mm. 1/40 second at f/5.6, ISO 200.

Canon T2i at the beginning.

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