Stadium views

It’s been a busy past few days, so I’m enjoying a lazy Sunday. Time to recharge the camera batteries. While they’re recharging, here’s a couple more shots I took during Thursday night’s SF Giants ballgame.

McCovey Cove at the twilight hour:

AT&T Park view of McCovey cove.

Night view towards 3rd Street (and the Lefty O’Doul drawbridge) from the promenade:

AT&T Park view towards 3rd St.

Top image: Canon G11, 6.1mm (28mm equivalent on full frame sensor), f/5.6 for 1/5 second, ISO 200.
Bottom image: Canon T2i, Canon EF-S 15-85mm at 15mm, f/5.6 for 1 second (steadied on railing), ISO 200.

Two Canons at a ballgame.

Phoning in a ballgame shot

My daughter took me to an SF Giants ballgame last night. It was a blast, but, unfortunately, was also a work night. I got home at 12:30 AM and had to get up 3 hours later to head out on my wee hours morning commute. Needless to say I’m spent. I took a lot of shots with my G11 and T2i, but I’m too beat to process them. So here’s the iPhone shot I took (using the Hipstamatic app) and sent to my Facebook friends during the game.

iPhone shot from the game

BTW, it was the Giants vs the Reds and the Giants lost. C’est la vie.

iPhone at an SF Giants game.

The only prescription is more bridge

Finally a beautiful day in the Bay Area! Back to the commute photos. Just before the northbound toll plaza there’s a turnoff that heads down to the Crissy Field area. Along the route, I took a short jaunt down to Fort Point. If you’ve never explored the access areas near the Golden Gate Bridge this is a good one to check out.

Petaluma Bridge

And, on this side, there’s waves and surfers who surf them.

Petaluma Bridge

Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm.
First image: 15mm, 1/400 second at f/11, ISO 200.
Second image: 85mm, 1/250 second at f/11, ISO 200.

Canon T2i dishing up the prescription.

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