Bright afternoon heading west

Yesterday, we had a band rehearsal in Berkeley. Here’s a shot I took from the passenger seat while crossing the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge on our way home in the late afternoon. The sunlight was obviously very intense, over-exposing the bay, but the image captures the feel of the moment. For people not familiar with the Bay Area, the tall mountain is Mt. Tamalpais and the small peninsula at the center of the image is San Quentin prison.

Richmond/San Rafael bridge view heading west

Canon G11 riding shotgun.

Admiring the accoutrements

After rehearsal today, for R&R, we took a long drive out towards the coast. Along the way we stopped at the Union Hotel for some beer and a pizza. The bar was fairly empty, but the beer choices were good and the pizza was excellent! This guy was watching a baseball game. I was admiring his accoutrements.

Some guy's camo and boots

Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm at 35mm. 1/4 second at f/4.5, ISO 200.

Canon T2i being discreet.

Going down?

I pulled this image out of my 10,000 Miles hopper. It was taken with my G11 while walking around the all but deserted Halifax Citadel on a chilly, overcast afternoon last November. I’m not sure what was originally stored within the locked doors at the bottom of these stairs, but not knowing adds mystery to the scene.

Halifax Citadel bunker

Canon G11 looking deeper into the opposite side of the continent.

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