Woman on a train

Mags and I just got home from a trip to Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA. During a short Sky Train trip from Vancouver to Burnaby to visit some friends, I grabbed this shot with my iPhone (of all the in-camera reviews I did of the photos I took it was my visceral fave of the trip). I haven’t ported the “real” photos from my G11 and T2i to my computer yet, but this Hipstamatic shot is getting the first slot.

Woman on a train

iPhone on public transit.

Yet another bridge shot

Today is the beginning of my Thanksgiving week off. Woo hoo! I didn’t stop during the commute so here’s a shot I took yesterday of the Golden Gate Bridge. I titled the post “yet another bridge shot” because I cross it twice every work day and consequently have captured hundreds of images of it.

Golden Gate Bridge with rolling fog

Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm at 24mm. 1/125 second at f/11, ISO 100.

Canon T2i on repeat.

Fog city

There’s a change in the weather! The wind came back to the Bay Area bringing the fog with it. Rain will follow. On my way home, I took advantage of the transition away from the smoggy doldrums and made a short stop at the view point at the northbound end of the Golden Gate Bridge. The fog was rolling in quickly, but I managed to grab some shots of the city before it got completely enveloped.

San Francisco peeking out of the fog

Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm at 85mm. 1/125 second at f/11, ISO 100.

Canon T2i looking over the fog.

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