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Photos from our 10,000 train trip (10/16 – 11/15/2010) from the San Francisco Bay Area to Vancouver, British Columbia, than across Canada to Halifax, Nova Scotia and back.

Quebec City mix

It’s Friday and I’m beat, so anything goes…. Here’s a shot I took during our 10,000 Mile trip of a mixed modern/old view of Quebec City. The structure with the aged copper roof is the Service Canada which is just across the street from the Gare du Palais (a VERY nice train station where we whiled away quite a few hours).

Quebec City color

There’s very little processing on the image, though I did crop a bit to tighten the frame.

Canon G11 overlooking a fave North American city.

Going down?

I pulled this image out of my 10,000 Miles hopper. It was taken with my G11 while walking around the all but deserted Halifax Citadel on a chilly, overcast afternoon last November. I’m not sure what was originally stored within the locked doors at the bottom of these stairs, but not knowing adds mystery to the scene.

Halifax Citadel bunker

Canon G11 looking deeper into the opposite side of the continent.

The hand is quicker

Enjoying a lazy Saturday around the homestead so I’m posting something from the 10,000 mile trip. These guys are Amtrak workers. The guy on the left worked the dining car and was a card! The guy on the right I didn’t recognize, but he was having an animated phone conversation. I grabbed this shot during the stop in Portland, Oregon at the beginning of the trip.

Amtrak porters on a break

Canon G11 stealthing at a train stop.

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