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Images taken of my living space.

Weekend smoke and mirrors

Every Photoshop geek knows this, but for those who don’t–sometimes a tiny bit of tweaking can change the “mood” of an image. This is a late afternoon shot of the old walnut tree in my back yard as the camera captured it:

Old walnut tree

Here’s the same frame rendered in black and white:

Old walnut tree black and white

And this one is the B&W version with a warming “film” filter applied:

Old walnut tree filtered

I like #3 the best, but I’m a sucker for that particular color combination.

Canon G11 supplying the pixels.


Today’s commute sucked. Friday. End of summer for schoolers. Everyone trying to get out of Dodge for their last hoorah. All I wanted to do was get home. No stops, just on a mission. But, there’s always the patio, a cold beer, and the garden!

The G11 is a point and shoot camera with really good depth of field (and excellent macro). Unfortunately, it doesn’t do good bokeh. This first shot is straight out of camera background blur (ISO 100, f/2.8):

Sunflower 1

For this next sunflower shot I used Photoshop to separate the flower into its own layer and then added Gaussian blur to the background.

Sunflower 1

Canon G11 headed towards the weekend.

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