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Winter pods

As I’ve said before, I love the G11’s articulating screen because it makes framing from physically difficult angles easy. In this case, I had the camera positioned under the dry Mexican sunflower pods with the lens pointed nearly straight up towards the sky–and I didn’t have to lay on my back in the wet grass to frame the shot. I exposed for the pods and let the sky totally blow out. The “over-exposed” sky as background turned the scene into an interesting abstract image.

Mexican sunflower pods from underneath

Canon G11 over under sideways down.

Overhead abstract

One of the best features of the Canon G11 is its articulating LCD screen. Here’s an overhead shot of our patio table I took this afternoon. With the camera held at arm’s length directly over the center of the table, the articulating screen made it easy to line up the elements. Capturing the symmetry of this frame by hand with a fixed screen DSLR would have been a crap shoot at best.

Patio table abstract

Canon G11 reaching for symmetry.

Faux fun

Maggie recently scored a sweet, faux fur/suede jacket off eBay. She had cleaned it today and had it hanging on the clothesline to air out. Since the sun had already passed over the horizon by the time I got home, I put the “Nifty Fifty” on my camera, set it to f/1.8, and took some shots–faux fun.

The profile.

Faux fur and suede jacket hanging out to dry

The abstract.

Faux fur and suede jacket abstract

Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II.
Both shots: 1/50 second at f/1.8, ISO 400.

Canon T2i hanging with the laundry.

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