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Mixed bag

We’re taking a chill day. The long legs on the train without the luxury of having a sleeper are taxing–doable, but it really makes one appreciate the supine position. Anyway, here’s a mixed bag of photos taken sometime during the past week.

En route to Halifax, Maggie snoozing on the train.

Maggie snoozing on the train

Old and new in Montréal.

Old and new, Montreal

Near Lunenburg, Nova Scotia getting artsy fartsy.

Lunenberg, yellow tree reflection

Jazzy mural in Halifax.

Jazz mural, Halifax

Canon G11 mixing it up.

Views from the train

Backtracking to two contrasting views from the train ride between Vancouver and Toronto. (These photos were taken on a speeding, jostling train through rather dirty windows.)

This was the view of Mt. Robson (the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies).

Mt Robson from the Canadian

And here’s a shot of the Saskatchewan landscape–flat in all directions for hundreds of miles. (Note: this shot was taken in the late afternoon while the train was rolling along at full speed. I used TV mode with the shutter set speed set to 1/640″ to “freeze” the foreground.)

Saskatchewan flatness from the Canadian

Canon G11 looking back at looking out.

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