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Cityscape after a storm

A storm moved into and out of the Bay Area over the past 24 hours dumping a moderate amount of rain. By the time I left work for my commute home the roads were dry. I figured it might be a good day to take a little side trip down to Fort Baker and grab some photos. Unfortunately, there was a layer of very high clouds filtering the sunlight so I didn’t get the sparkling clear views I was hoping for–but, I was the only out there so I had an enjoyably peaceful 15 minutes of photo fun.

View of San Francisco from Fort Baker

Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm at 42mm. 1/320 second at f/9.0, ISO 100.

Canon T2i alone on the pier.

San Francisco under the weather

I made a quick stop at Fort Point during my commute home today and grabbed a few rainy day shots. I didn’t have an umbrella to keep myself and the camera dry so I improvised with a sweat shirt I had in the car. I got a little wet, but the camera stayed mostly dry. This was the view towards the city.

San Francisco during a January rain storm

Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm at 65mm. 1/80 second at f/7.1, ISO 100.

Canon T2i out in the rain.

Fog city

There’s a change in the weather! The wind came back to the Bay Area bringing the fog with it. Rain will follow. On my way home, I took advantage of the transition away from the smoggy doldrums and made a short stop at the view point at the northbound end of the Golden Gate Bridge. The fog was rolling in quickly, but I managed to grab some shots of the city before it got completely enveloped.

San Francisco peeking out of the fog

Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm at 85mm. 1/125 second at f/11, ISO 100.

Canon T2i looking over the fog.

A sunny afternoon at Ocean Beach

San Francisco fog can be relentless during the summer months. Clear, warm days at the beach aren’t rare, but happening on one if you don’t live in the city requires a bit of luck and happenstance. This is a view of Ocean Beach on a very nice weekday afternoon.

Ocean Beach in San Francisco

Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm at 27mm. 1/400 second at f/11, ISO 200.

Canon T2i catching some rays.

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