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Two not in a series

Since it’s the weekend, here’s a couple more shots from yesterday’s pre-gig camera time in the city… Where we played was catty-cornered to this great art deco building (located at Leavenworth and McAllister):

Art Deco building

And the only place to get a shot of this city garden with the view of City Hall (other than being in the garden) is through the window of the Soluna Cafe & Lounge at Larkin and McAllister:

City garden

Canon G11 hunting and gathering.

The Buddha at City Hall

We had a gig in the city yesterday evening so I had a little time to roam around and grab some shots. Because we were playing close to City Hall I figured it was as good as any spot to park the car and look for something to shoot. The HUGE statue of Buddha was a total surprise! (Oh, and backlighting the scene was a thin veil of fog “filtering” the super bright late afternoon sunlight. Letting the sky completely wash out was not optional.)

This is the perspective shot:

Buddha at the SF City Hall

Buddha at the SF City Hall

And the following two are to show the difference in the face’s “mood” depending on the angle:

Buddha at the SF City Hall

Buddha at the SF City Hall

Canon G11 Zenning out.