Platform closed

Today I woke up early–2:30 AM. Must be the heat. Whatever it was I left early and had time to tripod some shots of the streetcat platform at 19th and Holloway (right in front of SF State). [The line is currently not running because of upgrades.] In the wee hours when very few people are mulling about the platform looks trés cool. These shots are a little “noisy” and I could have dropped the blacks to remove it, but I like the effect. Kind of reminds me of 16mm film.

Sf streetcar station

Sf streetcar station 2

Canon G11 in my world in the wee hours.

No Parking

Today’s commute photos are definitely “run and gun”! It’s a HOT day, the sunlight is HOT, and I’m in a “No Parking” turnout exercising a concept. I couldn’t get right up to the edge of the tunnel in broad daylight, so I settled for a position back at the edge of the turnout where I was sequestered by a large bush. Anyway, this is the Rainbow Tunnel going north up the Waldo Grade just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. The exposures are hot because of the intense light, but to get these I turned on the G11s built in 3 stop Neutral Density filter and set the aperture to it’s max (f/8.0) with ISO 200.

This one is a 1/4 second exposure:

Rainbow tunnel cool

And this one is a 1 second exposure:

Rainbow tunnel hot

And like I said:

Rainbow tunnel no parking

Canon G11 running and gunning.


I didn’t stop on the commute today because I’m still recovering from yesterday’s Cotati Accordion Festival. We had a blast playing, selling swag, hanging out with friends and fans, and, of course, swilling a few beers. Long day, big fun, but today I paid the price. Getting up at 3:30 AM was harsh. Tomorrow I’ll be back in action.

Here’s a shot from yesterday.


Canon G11–one day at a time.

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