Bedside manner

Sometimes, just before going to sleep, I’ll reread some tidbit of info about how to use one of my cameras. At some point I inevitably think to myself, “have I tried that before…”, and skip off to get the camera. Usually I shoot the nightstand on my side because it’s close by and lit. I can’t remember why I shot this one, but it must have been something about depth of field.

Bedside stuff

Canon T2i learning the ropes.

Nor Cal December

The grass turns green in December in Northern California–which means rain and gray skies. I posted a photo of this same field several months ago when it was brown and full of hay bales. The freshly mowed look won’t last for long. One warmish day and you’ll be able to hear the grass growing.

Oak in December

And, as a kind of leitmotiv, a contrasty black and white shot of the palm in front of our house (obviously not the palm I posted a couple of days ago). Palms survive the Nor Cal winters quite nicely as long as we don’t get the rare hard freeze. But even then they survive. They just look ratty for a while.

Palm in black and white

Canon G11 in the Nor Cal December.

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