Coming to port

Summer ends in the Bay Area and then it gets hot. It was a toasty commute home today so I just plowed through. This image is from yesterday’s 20 minute shoot up on the Marin Headlands just above the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve started to develop a thing about shooting into bright light and it’s working for my aesthetic.

Tanker heading towards the Golden Gate

Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm at 85mm. 1/1600 second at f/11, ISO 200. 1/1600 second? Yes, I know. But realize I’m running around hand holding my camera grabbing shots like a mad man all the while thinking, “half way home, time to go, traffic is going to suck.”

Canon T2i facing the light.

Late summer at the Golden Gate

I was back on the commute today, and it was very warm during the ride home. The fog was trying to float into the Golden Gate, but the heat kept pushing it back. The push and pull of the elements made for a bizarre, wispy fog surrounding the bridge. It was one of those kind of shoots where I would focus and wait for a fog pattern that looked interesting before pressing the shutter button. This was the first shot I took. Sometimes it just happens that way.

Golden Gate Bridge with wispy fog

Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm at 18mm. 1/250 second at f/11, ISO 200.

Canon T2i anticipating the elements.

Winnipeg from on high

Today is the last “official” day of my vacation. I still have the weekend, but on Monday it’s back to the grind. To say I’m languishing in laziness would not be an understatement. So for today’s image I took the easy route. I went to the 10,000 miles well and pulled up another favorite shot from the Fall 2010 trip.

Winnipeg from on high

Though we were only there for a short time, we really liked the Winnipeg vibe. Oh, and the yellow train engine you see is the front end of Via Rail’s “Canadian.” An hour after this shot was taken we were back on board heading towards Vancouver.

Canon G11 catching the view from on high.

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