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Photos from our 10,000 train trip (10/16 – 11/15/2010) from the San Francisco Bay Area to Vancouver, British Columbia, than across Canada to Halifax, Nova Scotia and back.

Time time time

It’s hard to find the time to post. Wi-Fi connections have been OK, but we’ve been doing very little sitting around staring at LCD screens. I’ve been taking lots of photos (day and night shots) so I’ll have to do an album style thing after we get home.

Today we are in Quebec City. We arrived here yesterday in the late afternoon. Time to get out of doors and go exploring…

Do not hump

Montreal from on high

Maggie and I walked about 15 miles today which started with a trek from our hotel up Rue Peel to the top of Parc du Mont Royal. This was one image of the view we saw:

Montreal view from Mont Royal

The street in the center of the photo is Rue Peel.

Note: I’m finding simple image manipulation to be quite burdensome on the iPad. It’s doable, but resizing SUCKS! (The weird blurriness in the foliage is from the resizing tool.) I’ll be redoing the posted images from the trip once I get home.

Canon G11 on the road.

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