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The weekend and holiday shots.

Brazen tweaking

Sometimes a blown out shot can become an act of resistance. Crank up the saturation and see what happens. I like what happened to the palm that’s catty corner from my house. Brazilian headdress? Oh là là!

Petaluma Bridge

FTR, this is the first shot saved in RAW mode that I’ve posted. I’m now recording all images to RAW and JPEG. Must be the years of compressing images for the web that kept me from saving a digital “negative.”

Canon G11 collecting the pixels.

Pissoir plumbing

We played an Oktoberfest yesterday. Consequently, I visited this spot several times. I took the shot because I happened to have my sling pack w/camera in tow during a post show visit. And because there was only one urinal in the bathroom, I got questioned by the guy next up in the queue–“I’ve got to piss and you’re taking pictures??” Hey pal, the show must go on! 😉

Pissoir plumbing

[For you francophones wondering about the spelling: pissoir]

Canon G11 after a piss.

Friday night on the bay

Not exactly commute photos, but after the Friday commute we had to “commute” to a gig at the Berkeley Yacht Club. We arrived just after the sun had set so I quickly grabbed the G11 and snapped a few shots. These are zoomed in views across the bay (as much as the G11 can zoom)–I cropped them panoramically because there was too much water and sky in the original frames.

Berkeley Yacht Club  view of Golden Gate

Berkeley Yacht Club view of San Francisco

After the show, I grabbed my tripod and got a few night shots. Since we were at a yacht club I figured I should focus on boats.

Berkeley Yacht Club boats at night

[The image of the boats at night was shot in shutter speed mode (TV): 6 second exposure, ISO 200, aperture 3.5, focal length 6.1mm (equivalent to 28mm on a full frame camera)]

Canon G11 working day and night.

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