Hit or miss

Sometime “hit and run” commute photography is hit or miss. I couldn’t get close enough to what I wanted to shoot, and because I was on the verge of conspicuously trespassing (at 2:45 in the afternoon!) I only snapped a few shots and fled the scene. This is a concrete plant out on the edge of the bay in Redwood City. Because of the starkness of the train and structures I chose to desaturate the images about 50%:

Concrete plant 1

Concrete plant 2

Canon G11 in stealth mode.

Painting out the haze

Seems like it has been months since we had a really clear day in the SF Bay Area. During the harsh light hours of the hazy summer afternoons when I’m commuting home the landscape views have been anything but inviting. But I’ve taken shots, and for fun I gave these two a kind old print look:

Petaluma River view

Hay field

Canon G11 with an eye for painting out the haze.