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Spring day on the Lachine Canal

This past weekend Maggie and I hopped the Metro to go check out the Atwater Market. It was such a lovely day we decided to first take a walk along the Lachine Canal. We spent quite a bit of time walking and taking in the views–so much time that the market was closed when we returned.

This image is was taken east of the market near the locks. The brick buildings are condos.

lovely spring day on the Lachine Canal

I went ultralight for this excursion and carried my EOS M and the old trusty G11 in my little Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 20 bag. What I love most about the G11 is the articulating screen. It produces nice images too.

Canon G11 out of semi-retirement.

Amaryllis on Mother’s Day

The control wheel has gotten flaky on my “old” trusty Canon G11. I’m pretty sure this video shows the simplest, and definitely the cheapest, fix. But anyway… Yesterday, while I was trying to find a solution for the wheel problem, I had the camera out so I took it outside and grabbed a few shots of our red amaryllis. I metered for a “high key” look for these first two shots.

Red amaryllis 1

Red amaryllis 2

And because the G11 does great macro, I had to get in close.

Red amaryllis macro

Canon G11 on the patio.

Alien on Irving Street

I dove into digital photography in 2010 when I bought a Canon G11. At some point I made a decision to post my 1000th photo with that camera–whatever it was. When I got my Canon T2i I decided to carry on with the idea and post my 2000th shot from that camera. Then I got the 5D Mark III and… you guessed it, I committed to posting the 3000th shot. (Truthfully, I cheated on this one and am posting #3002 because #3000 and #3001 got trashed before I remembered the number thing. What the hell, close enough.)

Alien on Irving Street in San Francisco

Lens: Canon EF 85mm f/1.8.

Canon 5DM3 getting spooky.

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