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Relentless rain makes me ornery

“You looking at me?” RAIN RAIN RAIN! We’re experiencing a VERY wet December here in Northern California. So… Since there’s not much else to do during today’s deluge but hunker down indoors, I pulled up an previously posted summer image and tweaked it with Nik Silver Efex Pro. Maggie says the “big guy” looks better in color. I’m hedging my bets. (Just having a little fun to keep me from going stir crazy.)

Longhorn redux

As an aside, I pulled out the T2i and grabbed an in house, rainy day shot of our laundry room window–also tweaked in Nik. Warum nicht?

Laundry room lace

Canon G11 & T2i staying out of the relentless rain.

Bedside manner

Sometimes, just before going to sleep, I’ll reread some tidbit of info about how to use one of my cameras. At some point I inevitably think to myself, “have I tried that before…”, and skip off to get the camera. Usually I shoot the nightstand on my side because it’s close by and lit. I can’t remember why I shot this one, but it must have been something about depth of field.

Bedside stuff

Canon T2i learning the ropes.

Changing lenses

A couple of months ago I bought a Canon T2i. The G11 is a great point ‘n shoot camera and perfect for the commute, but I wanted to add the ability to change lenses to my new found addiction. The T2i seemed like the way to go. To start, I bought the body and a Canon 15-85mm IS USM (instead of a kit lens). The 15-85mm is a nice lens! It’s a bit big and stubby on the smallish T2i body, but that’s irrelevant. It’s good glass and will be my main “walk around” lens. The next lens I got was a Canon 28mm f/2.8 prime. I got this one for low light situations and for a general purpose equivalent (more or less) to the old film SLR with a 50mm lens days. 28mm on the crop frame (APS-C) T2i equals about 45mm on a full frame camera. Anyway, I’m busting it out for the upcoming 10,000 mile train trip–I’ll be blogging about the trip here. So far, most of the shots I’ve taken with the T2i have been around the house (I’m still in the “dialing it in” phase). Here’s a “macro” shot I recently took of a potted geranium out on our patio.

Geranium up close

I shot this through the 28mm at f/2.8, ISO 200, and 1/160 shutter speed.

Canon T2i on the loose.

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