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Handlebars and legs

The commute was once again uninspiring for taking photographs. The temperature is pleasant, but this year’s Indian Summer has lingered for far too long–and, according to the weather reports, there’s no change in site. Weird. Ah well, it’s probably time to focus on some fresh close-ups and abstracts as a photographic antidote for the current doldrums. In the meantime, here’s quirky shot I took during a night out this past Summer.

Bicycle handlebars and a woman's legs

Canon G11 close to the subjects at hand.

At an Irish seisiún

A friend of mine leads a local Irish seisiún. I don’t join in because they already have enough guitar players (I know all the seisiún players reading this are thinking, “what a guy!” ;^). Anyway, Maggie and I went last night to hang out, drink a few pints and enjoy the music. I brought my G11 and at some point took this close-up hoping that something would be in focus–low light plus an Irish jig means most everything is going to blur. That the drink is the sharpest thing in the shot is an irony I couldn’t let slip by.

Hands and instruments at an Irish seisiún

Canon G11 enjoying the music.

Job’s Tears

It’s rainy today so after I got home I decided to play around with a different lens–my new and yet to be christened Canon EF 70-300mm f4-5.6 IS USM. These close ups of our winterized Job’s Tears plant were shot on a tripod with the lens at 300mm. The camera was set to 1/20 at f/5.6, ISO 200, and white balance on cloudy. I love the isolation of the plant against the completely blurred out green of the backyard. Makes me want to explore this lens more.

Job's Tears 1

Job's Tears 2

Canon T2i getting close.

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