Caffeine receptacles

I like coffee, she likes tea. Actually, I like tea too, but a strong mug of coffee rocks my boat. The Cezanne is my home mug of choice. Hers is the Van Gogh “Sunflowers” mug which was in action, and conspicuously missing, when I shot this. The dark brown cup at the top left is my daily fave–it goes to work with me every day and been in the car when I shot all of the “commute” photos.

Petaluma Bridge

BTW, on my monitor, the color rendition of these cups is spot on. The little G11 is quite good at capturing “as is.”

Canon G11 caffeinated at the homestead.

Brazen tweaking

Sometimes a blown out shot can become an act of resistance. Crank up the saturation and see what happens. I like what happened to the palm that’s catty corner from my house. Brazilian headdress? Oh là là!

Petaluma Bridge

FTR, this is the first shot saved in RAW mode that I’ve posted. I’m now recording all images to RAW and JPEG. Must be the years of compressing images for the web that kept me from saving a digital “negative.”

Canon G11 collecting the pixels.

Unknown quest

The end of our first leg of the journey was Seattle. We hadn’t been there in quite a few years so when we stepped off the train I had no idea what the glowing blue arch overhead was. I thought, “Wow, that’s cool…”, and pulled out the G11 to take a few shots. Turns out its Quest Field, but at the moment it was simply the unknown blue arch.

Quest Field blue arch

Canon G11 on the quest in Seattle.

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