Wild turkeys

I had a band rehearsal after work today so I had to get home. I did, however, manage a quick stop near my house where I grabbed a few shots of some turkeys as they were scurrying across an open field. This shot is zoomed all the way in so it’s all the turkey I could get. What I like about it is being able to see where they’re heading.

Wild turkeys

Lens: Canon EFS 15-85mm at 85mm. f/11 for 1/60 sec, ISO 200.

Canon T2i chasing turkeys.

Aloe saponaria

We have a patch of cool looking African aloe on the edge of the driveway next to our house. It’s a super sturdy and very prickly aloe–not something little kids should play near. In May it shoots up 2′ to 3′ tall spikes with multiflowered, salmon colored heads. Here’s a close-up of a recently opened bloom.

African aloe bloom

Lens: Canon EFS 15-85mm at 50mm. f/5.0 for 1/250 sec, ISO 200.

Canon T2i recording the homestead species.

African Iris

Where I work there’s are two atria, one at the front entrance and the other at the back (employees) entrance to the building. The only plants in either atrium are several very broad and tall clumps of long, spiky green leaves. They are called African Iris, or the Fortnight Lily. The blooms start in late Spring and go well into the Summer. Here’s a close-up of a fresh bloom I took today as I was leaving for the long ride home. (The natural lighting was quite nice so other than a little cropping and a bit of sharpening after reducing the size for the blog, the shot is as the camera captured it.)

African Iris

Canon G11 taking a parting shot.

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