The old oak says

These days in coastal Northern California it’s well into December before we begin to feel a real season change. I say “these days” because not so long ago it would start to get cold in early November. Regardless of the changing climate, the old, deciduous oaks continue to drop their leaves more or less on schedule–and that means winter is coming.

Large oak tree in a field

Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm at 85mm. 1/40 second at f/8.0, ISO 100.

Canon T2i admiring an old tree.

Faux fun

Maggie recently scored a sweet, faux fur/suede jacket off eBay. She had cleaned it today and had it hanging on the clothesline to air out. Since the sun had already passed over the horizon by the time I got home, I put the “Nifty Fifty” on my camera, set it to f/1.8, and took some shots–faux fun.

The profile.

Faux fur and suede jacket hanging out to dry

The abstract.

Faux fur and suede jacket abstract

Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II.
Both shots: 1/50 second at f/1.8, ISO 400.

Canon T2i hanging with the laundry.

Marigold mania

Sometime you have to make it up as you go. Today was long, work was work, the commute was OK, but the light was drab… Who wants to take photographs in less than ideal conditions? I sometimes do, and today I did–at the homestead. But, I massively photo-manipulated the image of choice in order to make it more interesting. Why not?!? And yes, if you follow my blog, the tagetes lemmonii is, as is evidenced by this image, still blooming big time in December.

Marigold mania

Canon G11 providing the pixels.

Fish on ice

The blog was down for half a day yesterday because of some unknown ISP glitch. I also had a band rehearsal–no time for taking photos, but I had a lot of fun making music. Today, I rolled back into the work/commute grind and didn’t feel particularly inspired to stop along the route. So… for today’s post, here are a couple of iPhone/Hipstamatic shots I took of the Pike Place Fish Market at the Pike Place Market in Seattle the day before Thanksgiving.

Fish on ice at Pike Place Market in Seattle

Fish on ice perspective at Pike Place Market in Seattle

iPhone/Hipstamatic keeping it fresh.

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