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The weekend and holiday shots.

Reflections on the river

During the late afternoon I spent an hour or so walking around town with the T2i (mounted with my trusty Canon EF-S 15-85mm lens). Because I’m usually so busy with the day to day I don’t often take the time to just go out and take pictures as a leisure activity. I should definitely do it more often because I had a lot of fun, and got some decent shots. I’ll be posting more from today’s batch, but for now here’s a couple of “impressionistic” images of reflections on the river.

Petaluma River reflections 1

Petaluma River reflections 2

Except for resizing and the usual tiny bit of sharpening, both of these shots are straight from the camera.

Canon T2i digging the reflections.

Crows on a fence

It’s my Friday off so in the late afternoon after running some errands I took a detour out into the hills looking for photo ops. At the very top of a ridge I spied this pair of crows basking in the sunlight on a wooden fence. My camera was still bagged up so I had to quickly get it together before the birds took off. Fortunately, they stuck around long enough for me to take a few shots.

Crows on a fence

Crows on a fence

Canon T2i basking with the crows.

Night on the town

Last night Mags and I hoofed it downtown to see a movie (the Coen brothers “True Grit”–great flick!). I brought my G11 just for some added fun. After the movie we stopped in at the local watering hole and had a pint then walked around town with me click click clicking before hoofing it back to the homestead.

This is the corner of Western and Kentucky on a sleepy Thursday night:

Corner of Kentucky and Western

And this one is on the riverfront:

Grass and boat on the river at night

Canon G11 in hand just for fun.

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