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Golden Gate shack

Once again I headed down to Fort Baker during my drive home from work. It’s becoming a favorite spot for grabbing “commute” shots because it’s quick and easy to get to from the freeway. I drove out to the fishing pier parking area on the west side of Horsehoe Bay and walked up to the construction area under the north end of the bridge. This little run down, overgrown utility shack immediately caught my eye.

Shack beneath the Golden Gate Bridge

Canon T2i under the bridge.

Old friend

I’m running out of commute energy! The vacation is looming (more on that soon) and my head is starting to rebel. I want to see NEW stuff! For solace I drifted off track to a known view of my old friend, the Golden Gate Bridge. I figure I’ve crossed the bridge well over 5000 time over the past 11 1/2 years. This is what it looked like today from a Lincoln Blvd turnout at about 3:30 PM:

Golden Gate Bridge south side wide angle

Golden Gate Bridge south side fully zoomed

Canon G11 revisiting an old friend.

Friday night on the bay

Not exactly commute photos, but after the Friday commute we had to “commute” to a gig at the Berkeley Yacht Club. We arrived just after the sun had set so I quickly grabbed the G11 and snapped a few shots. These are zoomed in views across the bay (as much as the G11 can zoom)–I cropped them panoramically because there was too much water and sky in the original frames.

Berkeley Yacht Club  view of Golden Gate

Berkeley Yacht Club view of San Francisco

After the show, I grabbed my tripod and got a few night shots. Since we were at a yacht club I figured I should focus on boats.

Berkeley Yacht Club boats at night

[The image of the boats at night was shot in shutter speed mode (TV): 6 second exposure, ISO 200, aperture 3.5, focal length 6.1mm (equivalent to 28mm on a full frame camera)]

Canon G11 working day and night.

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