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This blog got a facelift

I have been thinking about creating a new photography blog for some time. This update is not it. What I did here was switch from my much altered, out-of-the-box, WordPress “Twenty Ten” theme to “Twenty Fourteen”. The process was an exercise, and a refresher course, in tweaking themes efficiently.

I used a crop of the following image for the fall 2014 header:

Parc Molson in autumn

iPhone camera in the neighborhood.

First New Year’s Day in Montréal

Now that we are living in Montréal, and experiencing our first winter here, I need to get some gloves that are functional (and warmish) for shooting with a DSLR on cold days. At sub zero degrees centigrade the hands get cold very quickly–especially those of this recent coastal California transplant. For now, the iPhone is quick and easy. Here’s me and Maggie on New Year’s Day at Parc Maissonneuve.

Me and Mags on New Year's Day in Montréal's Parc Maissonneuve

iPhone 5s selfie at -17°C (1°F). Bonne Année! Happy New Year!

Industrial mishmash

Happy May Day! Shout-out to the workers of the world!

This afternoon we headed off to band rehearsal and several miles down the road I realized I’d forgotten to bring a camera. Damn damn damn! “Not so” says I to myself several minutes later, “I’ve got my iPhone.” So here’s an iPhone shot I took (using the Pro HDR app) of the view just across the road from our rehearsal space.

Industrial mishmash

iPhone substituting at a rehearsal.

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