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This blog got a facelift

I have been thinking about creating a new photography blog for some time. This update is not it. What I did here was switch from my much altered, out-of-the-box, WordPress “Twenty Ten” theme to “Twenty Fourteen”. The process was an exercise, and a refresher course, in tweaking themes efficiently.

I used a crop of the following image for the fall 2014 header:

Parc Molson in autumn

iPhone camera in the neighborhood.

Autumn in Sainte-Rose-du-Nord

Maggie and I took a 5 day road trip from Montréal, first to Lac Saint-Jean, then down along the east side of the Saguenay river (fjord) to Tadoussac, and finally back home through the Charlevoix region. We had absolutely perfect weather for the first four days. And the fall colors along the route were incredible! About a third of the way between Saguenay and Tadoussac is the little village Sainte-Rose-du-Nord. Here are a couple of shots I took while we were there.

A perfect fall day in Sainte-Rose-du-Nord, Quebec--fall color, village reflections

A perfect fall day in Sainte-Rose-du-Nord, Quebec--fall color, close-up

Lens: Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM.

Canon 5DM3 capturing fall colors.