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Hot city view

I say “hot” in the title because of the direct sun on the face of the city. With the foreground in afternoon shadow, the slightly washed out buildings makes for an interesting look. I cropped a chunk off the bottom of this photo because the sea of green grass was too dominant. This “pano” view makes for a more balanced image.

City view from above Chrissy Field

Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm.

Canon T2i taking in a full histogram.

Chartreuse in the city

Heading home today I turned up Fulton Street and headed toward Stanyan. I parked a couple of blocks down from St. Ignatius figuring on some of preconceived shots. While walking down Stanyan, I looked up a narrow alley and saw the St. Ignatius cupola and CHARTREUSE!

Chartreuse house 1

Of course I had to see the house so I headed a block down to McAllister… Magnifique!

Chartreuse house 2

And here’s a perspective (neighborhood) shot:

Chartreuse house 3

Canon G11 stoned on Chartreuse.

Friday night on the bay

Not exactly commute photos, but after the Friday commute we had to “commute” to a gig at the Berkeley Yacht Club. We arrived just after the sun had set so I quickly grabbed the G11 and snapped a few shots. These are zoomed in views across the bay (as much as the G11 can zoom)–I cropped them panoramically because there was too much water and sky in the original frames.

Berkeley Yacht Club  view of Golden Gate

Berkeley Yacht Club view of San Francisco

After the show, I grabbed my tripod and got a few night shots. Since we were at a yacht club I figured I should focus on boats.

Berkeley Yacht Club boats at night

[The image of the boats at night was shot in shutter speed mode (TV): 6 second exposure, ISO 200, aperture 3.5, focal length 6.1mm (equivalent to 28mm on a full frame camera)]

Canon G11 working day and night.

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