Spotty Wi-Fi

After a 19 hour train ride (no Wi-Fi) we’re back to lovely Quebec City for four more days. We arrived in the city at 5:00 AM and hung out at the train station (Gare du Palais) for several hours waiting for the world to wake up. (Canadian train stations in the big cities are VERY nice!) The place we’re staying at for the next two days (Le Royal Champêtre) is very comfortable and I’m feeling lazy so call this is a quicky until we get back into the city proper on Thursday. Beautiful day today, and we’re supposed to get more of the same tomorrow. So far we haven’t gotten any uncomfortably cold weather. Global warming? Whatever it is it’s just fine by us Californians.

Gare du Palais this morning.

Le Gare du Palais, Quebec City

Canon G11 back in Quebec City.

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