Alcatraz in the mist

This hazy shot of Alcatraz in the distance is another example of my current penchant for moody black and white. This style of post-processing appeals to my aesthetic sense so I’ll probably be producing many more of these kinds of scenes. The process only takes a few minutes. I choose an image, crop if there’s too much busyness around the edges and then convert to black and white with Nike Silver Efex Pro. I have a half dozen or so “presets” that I’ve created that serve as a base. I preview the image flipping through the presets until I find one that suit the scene. Once I’ve found the look I like I’ll usually do a few tweaky adjustments and save. This particular image I fussed over for about ten minutes–from opening in Photoshop to web ready.

Hazy view of Alcatraz from Chrissy Field

Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm.

Canon T2i gathering pixels for a mood.

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