Low light venue

This past weekend we went to see Liz Carroll at The Plough and the Stars in San Francisco–the event was part of the three week long Irish-American Crossroads Festival currently taking place in the city. Liz is an absolutely amazing fiddle player! On this occasion she was accompanied by a fine young Canadian guitarist/pianist named Jake Charron. The show was GREAT! What a night of top notch music.

I brought the G11 along and discreetly took a bunch of photos. During their sets, the stage lighting was very low so I had to shoot at a high ISO with a very slow shutter speed–and because of the slow speed many of the shots of the very animated musicians came out blurry–in a distracting way. I do, however, like this shot of Jake taken just after he tuned his guitar and just before the start of the first set.

Jake Charron

I got several decent shots of Liz, but the mic placement turned out to be too much of a distraction in the frame. For some reason I kept coming back to this grainy, soft focus shot. It pleases me aesthetically.

Liz Carroll

Canon G11 being discreet.

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