Sunday morning after a gig

This past Saturday night, our band played a gig at Smiley’s Saloon and Hotel in Bolinas, CA. We’ve played there many times, and, because driving home in the wee hours on the windy roads from Bolinas is such a trek, we always accept the gracious hospitality of the proprietor and spend the night–NICE perk! After breakfast on Sunday morning the fog began to abate so we decided to take a long walk along the beach.

This shot was taken along the mouth of the Bolinas Lagoon.

Along the mouth of the Bolinas Lagoon

Maggie turned just as I pressed the shutter button– “What the… ?”

Maggie on the beach

Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm.
First image: 24mm, f/11 for 1/400 second, ISO 200.
Second image: 73mm, f/11 for 1/400 second, ISO 200.

Canon T2i walking on the beach.

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