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Low tide on a hot day

Yesterday, it was HOT and there was a fire to the east producing lots of smoke that was blowing west towards the Golden Gate. Needless to say, it wasn’t pleasant to be near the bridge. Once I got a little farther north the air quality quickly improved so I stopped at the familiar Mill Valley exit to grab a few perspective shots.

Low tide at the Mill Valley bridge

Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm at 38mm. 1/160 second at f/11, ISO 200.

Canon T2i enjoying the shade from a bridge.

Commute redux

It’s been a while since I grabbed some commute photos. Today the rain subsided so I scooted off the freeway at the Mill Valley turnoff to grab some shots. Also, I’m demoing Nik Silver Effects Pro–hence more black and white. First impression… it’s the shite! Great PS plugin! No doubt I’ll pay the price of admission because it’s much more robust than the built in Photoshop black and white filter.

Mt Tamalpais enveloped in clouds after the storm:

Petaluma Bridge

And looking northeast towards Hwy 101:

Petaluma Bridge

Canon G11 back on the commute route.