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Two trees revisited

I took this shot almost exactly a year ago and posted it with two others of the same hillside as a series in black and white. This one I always liked the best so a while back I decided to re-post it as a color image. While reprocessing the image I realized the cloudless, blue sky needed embellishment (probably why I chose black and white before) so I composited in a patch of sky from a different photo.

Two trees on a green hillside

Canon G11 looking back at looking out.

Toning and vignette

Back to the commute today. I stopped near the end of the ride home and took several shots of a very bald green hill. The two oaks were the only trees for hundreds of yard in either direction, and there were several turkey vultures circling fairly low to the ground. When I got the images into my computer I decided to make a style in Niks Silver Efex Pro and apply it to the three images I chose. Here’s the series.

wide shot of oaks on a green hill in black and white

zoom shot of oaks on a green hill in black and white

vultures circling over a green hill in black and white

Canon G11 opening up to the space.