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Besides being a photographer, I'm also the guitarist with the rowdy folk fusion group, The Mad Maggies. I'm currently a freelance programmer/web developer who, before going rogue, worked for Communication Arts magazine for 15 years. I recently moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Montréal, Québec.

Old pump house

Across the expressway from where I work there’s a park surrounded by salt ponds. This is the front side of an old, decaying pump house that’s situated near the entrance to the park. The wooden deck that leads up to the door is fairly rotten so it’s cordoned off. I took several shots of the structure, but liked this partial view:

Green on red

Swallows nests in the eaves on the backside (interesting how differently the blue of the sky rendered looking straight up–no polarizer today):

Green on red

Canon G11 on the road.

Hit or miss

Sometime “hit and run” commute photography is hit or miss. I couldn’t get close enough to what I wanted to shoot, and because I was on the verge of conspicuously trespassing (at 2:45 in the afternoon!) I only snapped a few shots and fled the scene. This is a concrete plant out on the edge of the bay in Redwood City. Because of the starkness of the train and structures I chose to desaturate the images about 50%:

Concrete plant 1

Concrete plant 2

Canon G11 in stealth mode.

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